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Our works

Our works

We have worked on over a 100 projects of our multiple dozens of clients during the nearly 10 years of our company’s history.

Instead of displaying a complete reference list, let us show some of them that we are especially proud of and that symbolise the diversity of our company’s experience.

SODEXO – Cafeteria system

We took/take part in the development and operation of the Sodexo Motiválasztó, a new generation cafeteria software which enables Sodexo clients to manage the complete process of cafeteria elements (declaration-ordering-document management) alone, leaving behind the classic administration. A robust and user-friendly Ajax interface has been developed over a Microsoft ASP.NET  and MS SQL base that can serve several thousands of users at peak times.


After the preparation of our client’s new, company group level Intranet concept, eSpirit also implemented the new Intranet development programme. After several customisation and some smaller-bigger application development tasks, the complete SharePoint 2010 based Intranet provides the firm group’s higher-level workgroup support and the more efficient cooperation of the professional groups, projects, and organisational units. In this greenfield project, our company carried out all the tasks from concept preparation to user training and live operation support.

FUNDAMENTA – Data cleaning

Our client has been using our company’s DQ Center product to solve its data quality problems and our phone number data enrichment service for years. Recently, as a joint project of the CRM project, we used our product to organise the client data in the source systems into a common client master, to clean the client data, and to design the continuous data quality assurance system.

Skyguard – android fejlesztés

Autosecurit Zrt entered the market with smartphone solutions for e-toll collection and vehicle protection, commissioning eSpirit Kft with implementation. We proudly present our Android-based developments, available in Google Play with the brand skyguard:

– The e-toll solution facilitates payment in the HU-GO system for trucks and transmits status information to the driver /

– The vehicle protection application uses a new approach to enable use of the skyguard service in your car, with convenience functions such as toll sticker, parking /