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Workgroup Support – SharePoint

Workgroup Support – SharePoint

eSpirit Kft. is dedicated to develop professional SharePoint based solutions for years. Our activities cover the whole range of Intranet introduction from the preparation of the concept through the introduction of SharePoint portal to the individual SharePoint portal based developments and workflow applications.

Why is it beneficial for the clients to select us?

→ We have a set of development and methodological tools that significantly shortens and eases the introduction of applications.
→ Our team of consultants and developers is able to efficiently and quickly develop software solutions to support various business, manufacturing, service, and human processes.
→ During our works, we use Microsoft SharePoint technologies, products, or workflow motors based on those when developing our individual workflow developments and product-like solutions.
→ Our firm is one of the most well prepared NINTEX Workflow competency centres.
→ Our consultants help to make SharePoint a useful tool of the everyday work, thereby increase the efficiency of work processes, save time and resources.

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