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The EU and domestic tenders that supported the quality of our operations, the broadening of our expertise, and our product developments significantly contributed to the results of eSpirit Kft.

– Innocsek: We created our product named FotoSmart by means of the funds awarded in 2007. The project was completed successfully in 2008. – HRDOP (HEFOP): The funding awarded in 2006 helped the development of our colleagues and management and the broadening of our language knowledge. – ISO introduction: We also prepared the quality control system of our software development activity with grant aid. There has been successful follow-up audits every year since the successful qualifying audit.

Our firm continuously seeks opportunities and funds with the help of which it is able to grow and obtain new business opportunities.

In December 2011, we signed our latest contract for EU funded innovation tender. We presented our tender no. GOP-1.3.1-11/A-2011 for the development of “SZAKI”, an innovative IT system that supports the utilisation of vocational training and adult training funds.